About Us

We’re the eleventh fastest-growing recruitment business in the UK. We’re also an ISO-compliant business and have reached an annual turnover of over $100 million. 

We believe that a key factor in this success has been the value we place on people and relationships. In a world that demands technical skills, we provide the human touch. We call this philosophy ‘human recruitment for a technical world’. It means that we prioritise client and candidate care and that we cultivate a strong, cohesive team culture. Our in-house support team provides operational stability, helping our consultants to deliver the excellence and results that our clients need. It’s an approach that seems to work. 

We partner with leading technical market leaders, within the UK and across the globe to find our candidates the highest calibre contract, permanent and freelance technical jobs in specialised sectors.

We have extensive experience in finding our candidates technical jobs in the IT, Finance, Digital & Creative Technology, Pharmaceutical, Oil, Gas and Energy arenas we operate within. Our dedicated technical recruitment team are experts in each field and trained to the highest standard to guarantee an outstanding service and consistent excellent results.

It’s obvious that companies run on people; without your workforce your company would not exist. But you need to be able to get the best out of everyone to ensure that your business can continue to thrive. Everyone is different, some are motivated by money and some live to become the best at what they do but in every instance, you as the employer need to recognise and facilitate these motivations, after all, it is your business that will benefit from having happy and productive staff.   Here’s what to do to help keep your staff motivated: … READ MORE