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CASE study:

A Global Consulting company were recently engaged as the system integrator of choice for a ten year programme of work with a major investment bank in London. The company, struck a partnership with another Murex specific system integrator to deliver this major Murex 3.1 installation. This would be a major programme & the largest of its kind for many years.

Cititec were selected to exclusively build a Murex maintenance team in the Netherlands, following a separation project between two investment banks.

The client was building an internal tech recruitment team for their new office in Amsterdam.

A Japanese investment bank selected Murex for a cross asset greenfield 3.1 installation. This would be a complex project, requiring expertise across London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

A Dutch pension fund embarked on a greenfield Murex 3.1 installation in 2012.

There had recently been a large rise across ReactJS and AngularJS positions in Berlin.

The Hiring Manager of a Tier 1 Investment Bank got in touch with us, as they were in need of a C++ Engineer.

Our client was searching to fill their Lead Front End Developer Vacancy for their AdTech Startup.

The challenge

The consulting firm recognised they had limited internal Murex capability, and did not possess the capability to source more qualified individuals. Recognising that they required their own Murex resources for this programme, they contacted Cititec following recommendation by an external professional body.

Following this separation, the bank required to a strong team of professionals to be brought in with varying Murex skills, including experts in MxML & interfaces, Datamart, Market Risk, Environments and Front Office.

The key role amongst many was a Head of Mobile position, one that they’d been hunting for with no success for 6 months.

The initial process involved the bank assessing options for a system integrator, however their preference was to use Cititec on an exclusive basis to build the entire Murex team, who would report directly into the Head of Technology. Specialist Murex skills were sought after across multiple geographies, including some Consultants requiring fluent Japanese language skills.

The project would be a complex challenge across multi locations & would include the implementation of new modules such as collateral management

Naturally with a candidate-driven market, you often see many Permanent Engineers/Developers turn to the contract market. An Engineer we placed previously at a Startup in Berlin on a permanent position two years prior got in touch with us, wanting to try to contract market.

Our client had very high standards for the candidate that would fill this vacancy for their C++ Engineer vacancy, due to the fact that one of their team members was the inventor of C++. Previous candidates that they interviewed for the role just weren't highly qualified enough.

Our client had been unable to scan for relevant TDD/BDD experience, as other recruiters were unable to offer tech skills testing.



Following successful meetings, the consulting firm chose to engage exclusively with Cititec for the provision of Murex staff. The Murex team at Cititec applied their knowledge and expertise of both the market & the needs of this client, to identify candidates for the available roles. This was achieved by utilising an already extensive network within the Murex community and shortlisting the best possible individuals.

Over the course of two years, Cititec built one of the strongest global Murex support teams, as confirmed by the Murex representative at the time.

We reached out to our extensive network, and found a shortlist of six senior developers, all from the best mobile tech companies in the world.

Cititec combined both their existing knowledge to select the most suitable candidates, & their exceptional search & networking skills to source the team required.

Cititec were selected as a supplier & were requested to source a number of contractor Murex specialist with skills including Murex Front Office, testing, Static Data, MxML, Datamart, VaR & Back Office. Cititec placed over 15 Murex consultants over a 3 year period.

We reached out to several of our clients in our extensive network, all of whom were pioneering development with ReactJS. We were able to secure four interviews over two days for the contractor; three of the four companies were interested.

We reached out to our extensive developer network, and after two weeks of shortlisting, were able to send across three candidates for the role.

We reached out to our extensive developer network, specifically those with experience in the AdTech sector.

The result

To date, Cititec have successfully placed all Murex permanent and contract resources including (but not limited to) Murex Programme Director, Murex Programme Manager, Murex Project Manager, Murex Solution Architect, Murex Business Analyst, and Murex Technical Lead.

A total of 22 placements during this period, including Functional & Technical Support Managers, Consultants and Environment Managers.

The client was able to extend an offer to one of the candidates we put forward just two weeks from the commencement of the search.

Across this three year programme, Cititec were responsible for all Murex hires in the team and even sourced three experienced Japanese-speaking Murex consultants.

The project went live on time and within budget.

After a meet and greet with the team, our candidate received a formal offer and acceptance.

One of our candidates was selected for the role, and an offer was made and accepted within six weeks of the commencement of the search.

The client made an offer to the first candidate we presented to them, and an the placement was made five days after commencement of the search.


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