Developers + Startups= Problem, Part 1

Mar 10 2016 - By Colin Gibson

In part 1  I explained the fundamentals the tech start ups issues have with hiring development talent. Much of what I will go on to discuss affects more established organisations other than start ups but also agencies, software houses, mid sized product organisations etc.

However, it’s needless to say, if you’re in the ilk of Apple or Google it’s a lot easier to attract talent. 

So here is tip 1...

Look beyond the resume.

I look at hundreds of CVs a day. I’ve probably seen thousands of themthroughout my recruitment career and you learn to look at a CV in a certain way but it’s only a torchlight into someone and what they can offer. One of the best developers I’ve ever worked with had a poorly formatted CV which represented only about 10% of what he had on offer, at best. Likewise I’ve seen amazing CVs presented by developers who’ve totally flunked technical tests.

  • Ask for coding examples.

Ensure you get evidence of coding ability, whether this is from a GitHub or submitted examples. If you’re not technical ask someone technical to look at it. 

  • Look for the 10% not the 100%

As alluded to above, look past a CV. If you’re looking at CV, look for reasons to have a chat with them. If you see any element you find interesting but the rest of the CV doesn’t tick your boxes - organise a phone / Skype call with the candidate you might stumble across a gem. If you’re being picky with CVs you may be missing out on a  lot of talent for the sake of a 10 minute phone call.

  • Look for social media profiles.

Look how they answer questions on Stackoverflow to others, do they get involved in GitHub projects? Are they on Twitter, is there enough there to see if they’ll get on with your team? Are they the sort of person who’ll fit in? 

In today’s world you can find information on anyone, especially developers. Have a look, if you see something you like either on there or on a CV - have a chat, what have you got to lose?

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