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Jan 07 2016 - By Jovi Francis


Hello fellow bloggers! Have a read of this link by Michael Spencer, it's pretty amazing how FinTech has evolved in such a short period of time. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-fintech-disrupt-our-lives-2016-michael-spencer

Recently, we hosted a Fintech Meet-up at our Shoreditch Roundabout event venue. At the meetup, the hot topic of debate was between the fanatical Functional programming following and the traditional Java developers.


For further reading on the topic, I suggest you take a look at this superb older article   written by Matt Hicks. He outlines the pro's and cons of both, and it makes for very interesting reading! I would be interested in hearing your views on the Java Vs Scala debate that seemingly rumbles on..

If you are a Java OR Scala Programmer (we don't discriminate here) and you are looking for a new role for the new year, please do get in touch with me at jonathan.kaye@cititec.com to hear about our latest Java/functional programming roles in London/Europe!

At Cititec, we just recently held a meetup where we attempted to discover the tech behind the current most popular fintech apps. What's the best way to build an app for an early stage fintech company – do you go with the money-wise option of Xamarin or Cordova, or do you invest a lot of money for Native apps?! Either way, it was pretty clear from the meet-up that the future of the fintech industry will be heavily based on the mobile industry, with companies like Osper, Mondo, Albert, and TransferWise looking to thrive over the coming 12 months. You can read more about our meetup here.

The question I have is: will these innovative movements succeed in destroying today's biggest Investment Banks across the globe?

What are your thoughts? Interested in learning more? Be sure to follow Cititec.

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