Recruitment: An Industry We Love to Hate?

Feb 01 2016 - By Hannah Podlewska

For several weeks, I have been pondering my inaugural Cititec blog post...what is it that I could possibly write about which will make people feel like they haven't just wasted two minutes of their busy lives? There are an endless number of articles out there about the latest technologies; future technologies, and the ever changing world in which we live. However, I thought I would write about something that I know best, recruitment; and more specifically, the reputation of those who work within the industry. 

This is not a unique or revolutionary topic, but as a Recruitment Consultant myself, it is something I take quite seriously. I moved to London around 18 months ago and I must admit, I was quite oblivious to this problem whilst quietly enjoying life in Yorkshire. The culture shock when moving to London was significant for me. The constant rushing around; the people; the rudeness...let's just say I wasn't accustomed to it.  In line with popular belief, in Yorkshire we really are quite laid back; we don't spend our rush hours barging people out of the way on escalators. Recruitment is actually quite friendly. I knew who my competitors were but they didn't make themselves known through underhand tactics and one-upmanship. But then again, maybe that's just Yorkshire...

Since working at Cititec, I have read numerous posts about the unpopularity of Recruitment Consultants. Certain agencies have even been blacklisted on LinkedIn for their lack of professionalism. Unfortunately, it seems that this is part and parcel of the industry nowadays and I'm sure most Consultants, particularly the ones that know they fall into the 'blacklisted' category, probably couldn't care less, whilst walking to work in their bright blue pin-stripe suits (yes, we can all spot you a mile off). I, however, do care and am pleased to say I work for a company where our relationships with our clients and candidates are valued and not just because of £££.

As I said, this is not a revolutionary idea, but I did just want to raise one significant element that I feel is often overlooked in this argument. Candidates often feel like we are 'bad' at our job when we don't have interview feedback within a day, or sent their CV a week ago and still haven't heard anything. Maybe before the blame is placed on the Recruiters, it is essential to consider the constraints imposed on us by clients. Yes, some clients are great. We send CV's, we have interviews set up within 48 hours...but unfortunately, not all clients work like that and a lot of the time, we get no CV feedback from them, and sometimes they don't give us any feedback from interviews. Trust me when I say that this is just as infuriating for us as it is for you, and it could get me started on a whole new issue when it comes to (some) internal recruitment functions...maybe I'll save that for the next blog post.

To put it bluntly,  I don't feel proud to work in an industry with a reputation for being so selfish and underhanded (mainly due to the fact it is so competitive), but I am proud to say that I don't consider myself one of these 'cowboy' recruiters, nor are any of my colleagues. Funnily enough, we are actually here to help (and yes, I am aware that that statement is ridiculously cheesy but very true). If you are considering a move, or just want to have a chat about the market, please do get in touch with one of us at Cititec.

Hannah Podlewska

Hannah Podlewska

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