Silicon Bali: The new home of tech entrepreneurs.

Feb 02 2016 - By Kaitlin Dunning

When you think about tech hubs, Silicon Valley, New York, London, and Berlin are most likely amongst your first thoughts. But what about Singapore, Bangalore, Bali, or Bangkok? Although these hot spots were traditionally known as tourist attractions, they are quickly shifting to the world's hottest (literally) haven for tech entrepreneurs.

Think about makes perfect sense. Why would you deal with the bad weather, high overhead costs, and crowded city conditions associated with traditional tech hub cities if you didn't have to? Why not build your startup from a beach lounger in paradise? Who wouldn't want this as their office view?

These new hubs are popping up all over Asia, but the one I am most intrigued by is Bali. The CEO of Mailbird, a Bali-based email client start-up said to CNBC in an email interview, "With the rapid shift in remote working and entrepreneurial hubs popping up all over, [Bali] has quickly become quite a fascinating place for start-ups."

Previously, when I thought of Bali's "tech scene" I envisioned backpackers huddled together next to routers in internet cafes desperately trying to get a signal to post their snapshots on Instagram. However, the IT infrastructure in Bali has grown rapidly over the last three years,with significantly more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and fiber optic networks.

One fantastic example of a tropical coworking community is Hubud. It has over 250 members, and is one of the largest coworking communities in the town of Ubud, known as the cultural heart of Bali.

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Strolling past Hubud,  it could easily be mistaken for a holiday villa. The main office space has a rustic open-concept work spaces with a view of rice fields. I personally think every office should have a swimming pool near its meeting rooms, like Hubud. After a meeting and a swim, residents can enjoy a refreshment in the organic cafe.

Cost of living is a major factor for startups that are bootstrapping. I did some research on and was able to compare the cost of living in different cities...

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