The Future of Cititec and Murex

Jan 15 2016 - By Sarah Germain

As we approach the end of 2015 and prepare ourselves for the year ahead, we are anticipating an exciting year in the world of Murex, which means over the course of the coming weeks and months, Cititec will be on the look-out for talented Murex professionals of all levels, for an increased number of opportunities within the London and European markets.

We are especially excited for Murex’s announcement of the new release of MX.3 Testing and Environment Management (TEM).  Efficient testing is integral to ensuring high-quality and cost efficient delivery in the implementation, upgrades, and production of platforms.

What are the benefits of the new MX.3 Testing solution?

nables clients to accelerate their test design and analysis phases

Allows for the smooth integration into existing test management systems

Automates test execution

It has a new library of customizable test cases that can be reused across environments

Easily upgraded across MX.3 releases

Included data masking facilities to secure sensitive data

MX.3 TEM is currently live on 25 client sites, and has proven successful with eliminating the burden of redundant tasks.

Murex commented: “Our mission is to deliver value to our clients by optimizing each step of the MX.3 delivery chain. MX.3 TEM contributes to accelerating the continuous introduction of new business and regulatory requirements, significantly reduces MX.3 upgrade time, and creates a safe framework for sensitive data transfer amongst departments.”

Cititec have actively specialised in Murex related recruitment since forming in 1998. Seventeen years later, our client network & reputation in the market continues to grow, which enables us to create opportunities with some of the most prestigious Murex clients & influential Murex partners across the Globe.

We currently have a high demand within the UK & Europe due to increased activity in the region. We are looking to hear from individuals across all levels of Murex application experience and skill sets.

Regardless of the career path you plan on taking; e.g. management of people/projects/streams or becoming an SME of a particular area of Murex, we will likely have something exciting to discuss with you. Whether you are working within integration, environments management, or functional analysis we want to hear from you.

Contact us at, or phone 020 7608 5858 and ask to speak to Sarah, Chris, Robert or Craig.

Please get in touch with us in order to have a confidential conversation regarding your options, whether you are looking for a career move in the near future, or if it’s just an idea you’re exploring at the moment. Cititec also offer a generous referral fee scheme & therefore encourage recommendations.

Sarah Germain

Sarah Germain

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