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Machine Learning Engineer

£60000 - £95000
Berlin Permanent
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about the role

This is an exciting company to join a recently Series C funded apartment letting agency. This role will cover a broad spectrum of projects including developing data pipelines; building and training models. This role will also be responsible for refining, automating, and deploying to production and lastly building user interfaces for some data products.


? Design and improve end to end Machine Learning Projects

? Provision clusters to train models on huge datasets and deploy feature preparation pipelines

? Deploy and monitor Models in production (e.g. building artifacts, measuring model drift, etc.)

? Build efficient delivery mechanisms for model outputs (e.g. API, events, microservices)

? Continue to develop our Data Science Platform with a cross-functional agile teams collaborating with Product Owners, Data Scientists, and Business Intelligence teams

? Research discover and harness new ideas that can make a difference


? Extensive commercial experience working with Python and proficiency with open source libraries. ? Experience with cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure), DevOps, and Automation for CI/CD

? The ability to design, implement and deliver maintainable and high-quality code. Skilled in software development best practices (git, secrets management, yaml/json configurations etc.)

? Advanced coding skills in SQL are preferred

? Experience with deploying models to production. Awareness of machine learning algorithms is a plus.

? Bonus: Experience with Airflow and Kubernetes



Data Scientist

£60000 - £95000 Berlin
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