You’ve seen the mince pies on the shop shelves already. The snowflakes start appearing in shop windows and the Christmas party email threads are abuzz with activity.

The sense of joy (or dread) sets in - you know that Christmas is only just around the corner.

Whilst this means many things (including a LOT of Christmas music on the radio during your commute), it’s also going to impact your business. Bringing on new staff is never easy - but during the Christmas period, you may feel as though it’s even harder.

We’re going to explain the positives and negatives around recruitment at Christmas, from both an organisational and candidate perspective.

What’s so special about Christmas and the New Year?

This is a time of year when businesses are preparing for the next year. They’re closing deals and setting the stage for an even bigger and better year to follow. There is a buzz in the office and the boardroom.

It’s a time of Christmas parties, early finishes and secret Santa. Employee engagement is high and there is positivity amongst the workforce.

From a recruitment perspective, however, there’s no time to delay. It’s a time that’s ripe with opportunity, whether you’re a candidate or a business.

Candidates: what you might be feeling

Similar to the end of the Summer holidays, as we’ve mentioned before, Christmas and the New Year are times when people often have time to reflect on their lives. Spending time with distant cousins and old aunties, having to explain 30 times about their job - before they realise they hate it.

This is the moment when you decide you’re looking for something new. For others, they’ll already know they want to move on - and think Christmas is the perfect excuse. They’ll be ready to kick on with their new job on the 6/7th January and it gives them something to look forward to over Christmas, as well as placating nosey Nan.

Candidates: what you’ve got to do

Lots of people who want to move roles are reluctant to make the jump straight away. When you think the time is right, you should explore the market and discover what your options for your next role could be. Are you moving location? Moving industry? 

Discover what is out there and then consider talking to a recruitment expert to help you find exactly what you’re looking for - and maybe even more.

Business owner: what you might be feeling

Everyone is quietening down for Christmas. It’s a time to relax on recruitment and focus on keeping the team happy and signing off on all the year-end projects.

Whilst you’re entitled to do that, we’d encourage you to get ahead of the game and try to talk to the aforementioned talent that is itching for a new challenge. By talking to a talent agency, you can assess your options and create a plan for recruitment, both timeframes and roles, to either use yourself or outsource to the professionals.

If you’re already aware it’s the best time of year to hire, then you may have already done your planning. In which case, we’re here to talk, strategise and make it happen.

Business owner: what you’ve got to do

Discover the gaps in your workforce and get ready to make the hires that are going to take your business to the next level. Don’t let the holiday season put you off - consider your targets and then get to work bringing your new staff in as soon as they’re needed.

For bigger companies, new hiring cohorts may not be scary. But for startups, it can feel like a big deal. We’d always encourage talking to an agency that have been there, done it and got the t-shirt many times. That’s us, by the way.

Ready to find the gift that keeps on giving?

We’ve danced this dance many times over. As a team of experienced recruitment industry professionals, we understand the market and how Christmas can be a time of great opportunity for businesses and candidates.

Whether you’re thinking about a new hiring cohort or you’re struggling with a current campaign, we’d love to have a conversation and discover how we can help you.

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