You’re short on time. Dealing with a handful of big projects all at once. The stress is growing. You hear a knock at the door. In comes your best designer, the integral cog in all of these big projects. They want to move on. They’ve found another job and they’re handing in their notice immediately.

This is a situation that is unfortunately recognisable for management teams in every industry. But why does it happen? Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. The staff member was a flight risk, and you weren’t sure they ever fitted in with the culture your company promoted. But in many instances - they’re leaving because they’ve had enough. Moving on to pastures new.

Retaining your staff is not always easy. And there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to keeping people happy. With that in mind, we’re offering ten quick tips for you to note down, promote and implement that will stem the flow of talent businesses are losing.

1. Encourage positive thought and creativity

There’s nothing worse than having a staff member who feels trapped within their role. Encourage growth, positivity and creativity and allow your staff members to flourish within their team. The happier and more engaged they feel, the less likely you are to lose them.

2. Upskill, train and educate

The person you hire isn’t the person you end up with. Invest in your staff and help them diversify their skill set to become an even more important part in your business. Reward their growth and ensure they feel valued. It’s a win win!

3. Reward hard work

On a similar note, reward those who work hard. If somebody has helped your company achieve a big win, new client or just been FANTASTIC - let them know about it. It will encourage higher levels of success for them and everyone around them in the future.

4. Transparency about growth and salaries

Both when you hire and throughout their tenure, people need to understand their value to the company and the potential for growth, financially and personally. If you’re not offering a competitive salary, you may lose staff. Show them what they can look to achieve and when.

5. Mentor new employees

When onboarding a new staff member, they need to feel supported every step of the way. A mentor is a great way to bring them onboard and make them feel part of the team quickly. You’ll also benefit from having an internal team member teaching them best practices from the outset.

6. Supporting working parents

If your staff are mothers or fathers, show some flexibility. Many companies offer an on-site creche or more custom working hours depending on their requirements. Don’t lose out on a good member of staff just because they’ve got to work from home a little while longer.

7. Be honest about the job from the beginning

Don’t lie on the job spec. If someone feels their job hasn’t been properly described, you’re going to have a higher turnover of staff and it’s going to be noticeable for those within your organisation. Be honest and candid about what the role entails to attract the best suited staff.

8. Open and approachable management

An open management team means staff feel respected, listened to and valued. Knowing that their problems can be voiced to a reliable team and solved effectively is valuable to individuals, irrespective of their job role. If they have a suggestion - listen. If they have a problem - encourage a conversation to fix it.

9. Positive work-life balance

In the modern world, it’s hard to switch off. It’s your job as an employer to encourage downtime where required. Turn off emails at the weekend, don’t check Slack in the evening and don’t start working at the weekend to get ahead for Monday.

10. Consider flexible working

If your work structure allows it, flexible working is a priority for many workers since the pandemic. Where possible, allow part-time or full-time WFH to allow your staff to work in an environment they find most comfortable.

Struggling to find or keep the right talent?

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