Many staff members at organisations all over the globe will have been swapping the suits for sunnies and the desks for the beach.

It’s not a bad trade-off, let’s be honest. But - when it’s all over and they come back to the 9-5, what happens next?

We believe this is the perfect time for recruiters and their clients to target staff who are itching for a move to a new role. You can show unhappy workers what they’re missing and enact a new recruitment strategy in the run-up to the new year.

What’s on their mind?

They’ve had an amazing time away. A break away recharges the batteries and, importantly, gives people a fresh sense of perspective.

This is where you come in. As they settle back into their office, with the same old desk, suit and annoying co-worker, they’ll be thinking of sunnier climbs and greener grass.

That’s not just their holiday location. They’re yearning for a better life - and it’s your job to give it to them.

As an individual not actively hunting for a new job, but newly open to the idea, they may be hard to find. But with advanced, targeted recruitment strategies that Cititec offer, you can find them as they come on the market.

Is this a good time of the year to start hiring?

If you’re a company that’s growing fast, there’s no bad time to hire. You’ve probably got aggressive targets that need to be hit and you’re struggling to get the staff in quick enough.

As we head towards Christmas, people will begin to consider their options and will be much more open to moving roles. They’ll be looking for September and October interviews that will have them starting a new role on the first day after Christmas. The perfect start to a new year.

When the talent pool is so scarce, you need to take every opportunity to attract new entrants to the job market. Being aware of hiring trends is the best way to achieve this and get the people your business needs.

How you’re going to attract the unhappy talent

You’re going to have to prove that they need you, and that you are committed to them. Moving roles can seem like a risk - so you need to show that it’s one worth taking that will benefit them for years to come.

Every individual is different. Younger applicants are driven by purposeful brands, and more experienced individuals are often financially driven to benefit their lifestyle. There’s no one size all approach, so you’ll need to be versatile.

As an employer, you need to emphasise your employer brand and showcase the culture and ecosystem that your organisation offers. Applicants will be more attracted to a company that has a personality - it’s only once you’ve built some sort of rapport that they’ll want to listen to your offer.

When it comes to the offer, that’s more complex. But finding the perfect cocktail of financial benefits, personal benefits and flexibility should allow you to appeal to the largest pool possible.

Are you the answer to their prayers?

Pulling people away from existing roles is often easier than you think. People get comfortable within their roles and, even if they’re unhappy, tend to stay put.

But by making yourself an irresistible proposition, you can add daylight between you and your competition.

Look at what competitors are doing - find out what they’re doing wrong and become the antidote to those problems.

If they’re not offering flexible work patterns, offer it.

Not allowed to work from home? Let your staff work from home.

TERRIBLE benefits and salary? Give them something more.

It needn’t be a headache, not a wallet-ache, to hire new talent. Simply, create a value prop that is too good to turn down and match it with a brand that jumps out off the page.

Struggling with recruitment?

You’re not alone. But we’re here to help.

We have ensured numerous businesses like yours find the talent they’re yearning for. All the while, you get to concentrate on getting your company ready for the new chapter with your new team.

Find out why we are trusted by hundreds of clients worldwide and discover what we can do for your company.

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