Ever wondered why some companies seem to rake in more top tech talent than others? Well, it’s no accident. More often than not, it all comes down to a strong and strategic employer brand.

The emerging talent of today wants more than just an attractive job title and salary. For instance, 58% of computer science undergrads prioritize a good work-life balance along with professional training and development. In this blog, we explore how a good employer brand can help play into these preferences, so you can attract your workforce of the future.

The Importance of a Good Employer Brand

Whether you’re a growing startup or simply looking to bolster your workforce, the importance of a good employer brand should never be underestimated. In fact, it’s often the key difference between falling behind or thriving in an increasingly competitive race to attract the best tech talent.

In the eyes of candidates, your reputation is defined by your employer brand. This is driven by your employee value proposition (EVP) – essentially, what you offer potential candidates to help them determine whether your organization is the place for them.

Here’s where it gets strategic. What kind of person do you want to attract, and what do those people want from you?

The Three Employee Value Proposition Pillars

By making deliberate, strategic choices to enhance your employer brand, you stand yourself in much better stead to draw the attention of key Tech and Data personnel. These three pillars should underpin your decisions:


Describe your workplace culture, why it’s attractive, and what else you can offer new starters in return for their invaluable skill sets.


Distribute your EVP to your marketing and HR teams. They can then use this as a focal point when building their recruitment and talent attraction strategies.


Embody your EVP through your current workforce – starting with your leaders and line managers, who will then pass down key behaviors and values to your teams.

Now it’s time to take your employer brand to market.

Putting Your Employer Brand to Work

Think about how you promote your brand to consumers. You identify target markets, advertise in their spaces, and win them over with the real benefits of your product or service. In the marketplace, that very same energy can be used to attract talent.

Take conferences, for example, where the eyes of the industry (and potential candidates) are on you. Showcasing your application and software solutions raises your profile in the tech community, providing a golden opportunity to communicate your employer brand, company culture, and values at the same time.

Choose a Talent Partner to Help Your Brand Land

In today’s tech climate, things rarely stay the same for long. This may mean that your own identity, as well as the desires of top talent, evolve over time.

As an experienced talent partner, Cititec can jump on board with your staffing team to help define your employer brand, keep it relevant amid perpetual change, and utilize it to attract the people capable of growing your company.

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