A whopping 90% of large businesses in the UK are struggling to fill skills gaps in their organisation, with older companies struggling even more.

Research from HR, payroll and finance software solution provider MHR has found that 88% of businesses in operation for more than 20 years have had trouble plugging skills gaps, as opposed to 63% of start-ups that have been around for less than five years.

MHR said: "To build true business resilience, organisations must not just focus on employee engagement and training, but also arm themselves with as much data as possible around recruitment retention and skills required, to establish where the gaps are, and make any operational changes needed to fill them.

"It’s no real surprise that in today’s challenging landscape, businesses struggle to access the skills they need to keep an edge on the competition. But investing in the right skills, tools and talent is a core part of a business's ability to withstand further market disruptions, so it’s a hurdle that must be overcome."

Older organisations were also more worried about resilience and future planning (86%) than scale-up organisations (68%).

Cititec Director James Hamilton-Reed commented, “organisations need to be more creative with hiring processes as skills shortages within tech are persistent.”

“Senior Leadership must reconsider whether vertical experience is essential for success. If it isn’t, they should look at the transferable skills of applicants they wouldn’t normally consider and invest in training/coaching. Organisations that push themselves out of their comfort zone will be rewarded with fresh, innovative talent."

“Over the great resignation, salary is still the number one driver for job seekers, but employee engagement is critical if organisations want to retain Talent and attract future hires. A strong company culture, values and access to career opportunities, as well as high-quality senior leadership, keep talent satisfied in their roles.”

"Finally, employee engagement must be part of the company’s long-term hiring strategy to avoid a never-ending hiring cycle."

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