You’ve probably felt this headache before now. Maybe one too many times.

One of your most valuable members of staff is looking in the job market and seeing what they could be earning or achieving elsewhere. The grass, as they say, is always greener.

For organisations and recruitment agencies, this is an issue that isn't going away. And what's more - it's impacting growth as we enter a period of instability for the economy.

So what are you going to do? Holding on to your staff should be a priority, as finding new talent is as hard as ever.

There is, however, a solution. And it doesn’t just mean more money.

What are staff demanding?

As the BBC report, since COVID “the subsequent scramble for talent has seen companies relentlessly recruit and make accommodations to get workers into teams, from offering sky-high starting salaries to flexible working set-ups.”

Offering high salaries to new starters and big boosts to existing staff salaries is not a viable option for many businesses. This can make a hard hiring market even more tough to navigate.

Flexible working is a fairly simple benefit you can allow to new starters and existing staff, as long as it works for your business. It’s now one of the highest priorities for individuals who are on the hunt for new roles.

As we’ve written before, it’s not all about money. There are many millennial and gen-z staff that prioritise purpose when choosing an organisation to work for. If you’re not offering any semblance of social responsibility or commitment to good, you may be losing out.

Ultimately - staff want what they feel they deserve. Many companies have undervalued their staff for a long time. Now, it’s coming back to bite them.

Make sure you’re thinking about them, not you

The easiest way to keep your staff is by proving you’re genuinely passionate about helping them.

This goes beyond just their monthly pay packet - it’s an intrinsic commitment to their wellbeing, their success and their life outside of the workplace.

Upskilling and reskilling is an important facet of career progression. By investing in training for your staff, you can show that you care about their development and help them achieve new levels of success in their career. They’re likely to reward you by sticking around and utilising these new skills for your business. Win-win, right?

Salaries aren’t everything

There’s a cost of living crisis going on right now. Money is a priority for everyone - whether they’ve got enough, or not.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to just pay more money. Offering support in the form of food in the office for breakfast and lunch, childcare allowances, or vehicle allowances can help staff prioritise where they spend their income. As the supermarket slogan says, every little helps!

EV allowances or carbon-efficient practices can also help retain your staff. Not just because they get new cars, but it helps show your company’s commitment to the planet. The aforementioned ‘purpose’ that attracts younger staff? You’ve just gone some way towards finding it.

Are you presenting your business in the best light?

Employer brand is vitally important for staff. If they’re proud to work for your business, they’re more likely to stay there. Likewise, if they don’t really like what you stand for, they’re going to fly a little bit more easily.

When you’ve got a purposeful brand that is part of the local, national or global community, you’re bound to be more appealing to new staff. For new staff members, your team are going to need to believe in your cause and your messaging and educate them on what you stand for.

Working with a talent agency can help ensure you’ve got your messaging correct before your next hiring cohort and attract only the best people who align with your values.

Struggling with recruitment?

We know. It’s not easy. There is a better way though - the Cititec way.

Our talent teams have helped achieve hires for companies all over the globe, irrespective of the market conditions. We’ve delivered higher levels of growth and found amazing individuals a new workplace they can call home.

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