It’s no secret. The way we work is changing.

It was happening before COVID-19, but the transition to WFH and hybrid working has accelerated in the past two years. According to a recent Cendex whitepaper, 67% of candidates consider working from home as a key priority when they're looking for a new role.

So, many are asking, is it time to ditch the desk in favour of the home office?

How we got here

Unless you’ve managed to avoid the news, the answer to this one should be pretty obvious.

With a global pandemic, companies had to (understandably) reconsider their workplace arrangements. Some organisations have undertaken massive restructures, both forced and unforced, in order to change how their businesses operate. Others continued to work as normal wherever possible.

Asking employees and employers how they feel about working from home is bound to generate mixed results. But – there is a general belief that the option of working from home should be offered, even if it’s not taken up by all employees.

What employees are asking for

Employees want the freedom to choose where they’re working. It’s that simple.

According to the Gartner 2021 Digital Worker Experience Survey, 43% of respondents said that flexibility in working hours helped them achieve greater productivity, whilst 30% of respondents said that less or no time commuting enabled them to be more productive.

Since working from home was enforced in 2020, it has been an eye-opener for many who believed they could never work from home. Knowing they can balance their lives more simply, have a lunchtime walk and wait in for that pesky parcel delivery means they’re happier and enjoying their work-life more than ever.

What businesses are saying

According to CIPD, the majority (57%) of employers agree that the right to request flexible working should be a day-one right. Generally, employers are beginning to come to the same conclusions. If work is being completed and they’re in the office when they’re required – there’s no reason not to allow hybrid working.

Employee retention has been a big focus for businesses since the pandemic, with a talent shortage meaning staff are being headhunted for new roles with increased frequency. For this reason, it should be important to consider the options you’re providing your staff when it comes to where and how they work.

What should your business do?

If you’re working in the construction industry, you’re probably laughing by now. There’s no way your teams can work from home, we get that.

But if you’re in a tech-based industry or believe that your work can be completed remotely, it should be something you’re seriously considering offering existing staff and new starters.

By allowing fully remote working, flexible set-ups or hybrid work patterns you’re able to keep your staff happier and improve their work-life balance. This will aid your employer brand and help you retain staff for longer.

Whoever you’re hiring, we’re here to help

Whatever your workplace setup, it’s important to remember that flexibility is key for many candidates when they’re applying for new roles. Whilst hybrid or flexible home working isn’t possible for many businesses, those who can provide it are reaping the rewards.

Presenting yourself as a forward-thinking employer who is open to flexible working means you’re likely to get more interest in new roles and attract talent that was previously unavailable for your organisation.

If you’re looking to hire, Cititec makes the process simple and provides significant cost savings too. Call us today to talk to one of our team about how we can help find the talent your business needs.

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