You’ve laid the bait. You know the job is amazing - your company culture is fantastic. Why are there no biters? You had it all planned out. The advert goes live, the phone doesn’t stop ringing - you’ve hired within a week. That’s not the case. Where did it all go wrong?

It’s getting hard to find applicants for roles within most industries at the moment. But there are some great methods you can use to get more people buzzed about your role and keep your phone ringing with interested applicants.

There’s no silver bullet, but these six tips are going to boost your chances of finding that perfect applicant quicker.

Be flexible, hybrid - whatever the applicant wants

Working from the office is so 2019. We understand that with some roles, flexible or hybrid working isn’t possible. But we’d encourage that, wherever possible, you offer it. Everyone has different ways they want to work, and there may be diamonds in the rough that you’re missing out on. Whether they’re local, in-house one day a week or based entirely from home - find an option that works for you and the applicant.

For many applicants, hybrid working is such a priority that if an employer doesn’t offer flexible options, candidates will wait for the next job to appear. Do you really want to lose them just so they can come and stand by the water cooler?

Showcase your employer brand

You’ve worked hard to build an amazing team. Shout about them. Many applicants will want to see some personality within your job advert - so don’t be afraid to show them who they’ll be working with and what they can expect.

For millennial and gen-z applicants, workplace culture and purpose are vital when they’re choosing a new role. Put your own unique spin on your advert. Talk more about what they’re missing, and less about how they need to be proficient in Powerpoint.

Put your commitment to DEI front and centre

Your job should be appealing to as many people as possible. If it’s not obvious that your company is open to hiring anyone and everyone, irrespective of their background, then you’re doing it wrong.

Make sure that within your job application you state your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The more welcome people feel, the more likely they are to apply.

Make your application process more engaging

Whether it’s by using an online system or encouraging people to personalise their applications, you can learn more about your applicants fairly easily at this stage of the process. Making a less traditional application process can generate more excitement around your business and show applicants that you’re a modern company that isn’t stuck in the past.

Rather than a traditional cover letter, you could ask your applicants to answer a few questions about themselves and why they want the role. This is a useful and subtle way to also find matches to your existing workplace culture before they’ve even been interviewed.

Make your job ads short and impactful

The age of 1000-word job adverts is very much over. It’s no secret - we’ve all got shorter attention spans since the internet has existed.

Write your job advert. Ask yourself this honest question - would I bother reading to the end of it? If it’s a no, then it needs to go back to the drawing board. We’d encourage you to focus on main bullet points that will keep the reader interested and tell them a story about the role, their place in the company and what they stand to gain from working with you.

Be honest and open

You know exactly what we’re talking about here. No more competitive salaries or great benefits packages. Tell your applicants what they’re going to win and stand out from the crowd.

Honesty and open communication, from the first stages of interaction, will paint your business in a great light. It also implies to applicants that your workplace culture is open and honest - a big tick in the modern-day hiring environment.

Go get ‘em - or let us do it for you!

So now you’ve got all the ammo - are you ready to hunt for your next amazing staff member? If it’s a yes - great! If you’re thinking ‘WOW, these guys sound GREAT! I wish they could help me” - we’ve got good news.

It’s really easy to get started. All you’ve got to do is give one of our team a call. They’ll discuss your needs, assess your targets and provide a bespoke solution built just for your business. What’re you waiting for - let’s get to work.

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