As competition for top tech talent grows increasingly fierce, the talent shortage is becoming a real challenge for many companies. The global tech talent shortage meant over 40 million jobs were unfilled in 2020.

Not only are the roles and the skills needed for them becoming more complex, but the whole landscape of work and recruitment is also changing and evolving at a rapid pace. A change that has been further accelerated by the pandemic and the shift towards remote and hybrid work.

A New Type of Recruitment Solution: The Talent Partner

The world of work we're seeing today, especially in the technology sector, requires new talent strategies. Today's focus is not on static, one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather on agile and flexible collaborations to find the best talent and model for each new need. Enter the Talent Partner, a one-stop shop for all things talent. A Talent Partner offers a strategic combination of recruiting, HR consultancy, talent acquisition, and talent management, allowing custom solutions for different use cases.

What a Talent Partner Can Help You With

Finding and Signing Senior Key Hires

Getting the right people for managerial positions is one of the most crucial success factors, and perhaps especially so in the highly specialized and fast-moving tech industry. A Talent Partner will search out the most relevant candidates and help you close the best deals. By looking beyond your geographical area, a Talent Partner can help you both find better candidates, and help you increase diversity, which has potential to transform your workplace for the better.

Filling Specialist Roles

It's not just senior management roles that can be challenging to fill; specialist roles can be equally tricky and are also business-critical. Right now, the most sought-after roles include are data scientists, cyber security experts and machine learning specialists. A Talent Partner has the channels for finding your specialists, whether that's onsite or you're open to remote employees.

Setting Up Nearshore and Offshore Teams

Tech staff is available worldwide, and sometimes it's beneficial to set up whole, or parts of, teams remotely. Often, there are differences in costs that make this an attractive option, but the supply of skilled workers is also distributed all over the globe. This means that a global mindset will drastically increase the candidate pool and improve your chances of quickly finding the right people for your different projects. While off-shore teams can be located on the other side of the world, near-shore means the team is usually in a time zone close to yours. What works best depends on your needs and processes in each specific project.

Each Company Is Unique And Has Unique Needs

The challenges and needs of tech companies differ, and so do the best solutions. With an experienced Talent Partner, your company gets access to a wide array of different approaches and can choose to implement different strategies depending on your requirements.

It's not uncommon that the same company wants some roles onsite, some remote, and set up some functionalities and teams off-shore. However, this adds complexity to your organization, which is where a Talent Partner can step in and make the processes smooth, safe, and efficient.

A Talent Partner Will Help You Stay Ahead

Technology is a competitive field, and the demand for talent in the tech industry is high. To build category-leading products, you need the best of the best, and you can't afford to miss out on candidates who would be passionate about your company's mission. By teaming up with a Talent Partner, you'll be able to find and acquire top tech talent – wherever that talent may be located today.There’s no company quite like yours and there’s no talent consultancy quite like ours, let us discuss your unique talent solution needs.

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