Hiring staff can be a headache. That’s why so many organisations across the world choose to partner with talent agencies like Cititec.

But what if you’re going it alone? Well, then you’re in for a rough ride. As well as a talent shortage in many industries, it’s becoming more difficult than ever to attract the right staff and keep them.

That means, when you’re hiring, you need to be on the ball, receptive and using processes that are optimised to get the best staff in the quickest time. And if you’re NOT getting that process right - you’re losing out on potential talent that could have transformed your business.

Where might there be room for improvement? Let’s find out.

Acting fast

If it’s taking you 4 weeks to get back to a candidate after they applied, then they’ve probably lost interest or started looking elsewhere. After all, are they going to be attracted to a company that has waited 28 days to reply to an email? Not likely.

It may take some time to determine whether someone is a good fit for your organisation, but if you take too long, you risk losing candidates to companies with shorter recruiting times. So - you should be looking to streamline your initial communications and ensure the applicant knows you’re reviewing their application.

We know that’s not always easy, but that’s where working with a talent specialist can help. Our clients are offered dedicated talent professionals onsite, taking care of the applications, interviews and decision making alongside your stakeholders.

Fitting the culture

We’re always talking about how company culture is essential in the modern hiring process. Applicants will want to ensure they’re going to love coming to work. Likewise, it should be a non-negotiable for every organisation to match their applicants with their existing culture.

Younger applicants are prioritising workplace culture when applying for new roles, and this is unlikely to change in the near future. When advertising for a role, make the culture fit a priority. Don’t be afraid to show some personality and stand out from the crowd.

There are loads of companies out there with a ping pong table and bean bags - but what makes your company unique?

Be upfront with pay and benefits

Competitive salaries. Healthy benefits packages. What do they actually mean? To your prospective applicants - not a great deal. And that’s an issue.

In a busy market, money matters. We’re not suggesting that you have to bump up your salaries or start offering ludicrous benefits packages. But it’s essential that you’re open and honest about what your applicants can expect.

That does you a favour too, cherry-picking applicants that are either over or under qualified for the position. Less time sifting through CVs, more time interviewing and hiring.

Show them who they could become

Often recruitment is focused on finding a square peg for a square hole. Do they have the experience, are they willing to work for the company? Sign on the line.

Fortunately, we’re seeing that change. Organisations are more interested in investing in potential starlets and helping them flourish within their business. This needs to be told to your applicants.

From the outset, you should make it clear that by working with your business, applicants can expect to grow within the company and learn new skills that develop their talents as well as their weaknesses. For millennial and Gen-Z talent, this is proven to be a huge factor in their decision making process when job hunting.

What can Cititec do? We’re glad you asked.

Reading all of the above, you may be struck with a sense of dread. Realising that your current hiring process just isn’t good enough. We’ve given you some great starting points that’ll help you improve and hire more candidates.

But if you’re yearning for a little more - it might be time to call in the experts. We’ve helped businesses like yours achieve hiring targets in record times at vastly reduced costs, keeping their growth stable and uninhibited by staff issues.

One phone call could be all it takes to change your hiring processes for the better. Let’s talk.

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