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Craig Grant
Partner, Technology Sales

Craig joined Cititec at the age of 18 for a two-week stint and 22 years later, he’s still a permanent fixture.

As a partner in the technology and sales department, Craig sees to it that he always inspires his team and keeps the motivation high. As passionate about recruitment today as he was when he first started in the game, Craig recognizes that finding someone their perfect job is about so much more than the 9-5 - it has an impact on every aspect of their life, from personal happiness to finances and more. It’s the reward of having such a positive impact on people’s lives that keeps him coming back for more.

When not talking to his clients and colleagues, Craig is likely to be playing football or hanging out with his menagerie of pets consisting of three dogs, a tortoise, and a bunch of stick insects. Oh, and his family are OK company too! He also speaks fluent Donald Duck but don’t tell him we wrote that on the website.

Most-repeated phrase: “There's no point worrying about things you can't control.”

Craig Grant

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