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Gustaf Heydenrych
Team Lead - South Africa

Gustaf started his career as a quantitative analyst at Nedbank, and after four years of wrangling data, he decided to start his own recruitment company focusing on sourcing technology and data specialists. The main goal was to source top South African talent for remote roles to curb the unemployment rate. Gustaf helped build teams from the ground up, by sourcing talent for start-ups, corporates, and anything in between, often changing the course of technology used by these companies. Gustaf thrives on networking and landing emerging talent in their dream job and if you need a career change he is your go-to person. 

After a successful year of recruiting, during the testing covid times, he was snapped up by Cititec, and took an offer he couldn't refuse: joining a world-class team with world-class tech! 

Gustaf has a photographic memory and music trivia is his thing, we can get rid of the scanner at the office, Gustaf can just scan all documents in his built-in memory.

Most repeated phrases: "There must be a plug-in for that" and "So let's go!"

When not at work Gustaf enjoys music festivals, camping, traveling, and food.

Gustaf Heydenrych

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