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Lise Kotze
Team Lead - Software Engineering

After Lise completed her studies, it inspired her to venture her passion for HR and Finance as her career path. She completed internships in both fields, the talent acquisition space found a special place in her heart. Fast forward a few years, having recruited in various industries and across many locations globally, she has further solidified that she couldn't see herself doing anything else! For her, it is that great feeling of using her skills to build successful recruitment teams and adding value to both the businesses and the candidates she works with daily.

If you ever struggle with an objective opinion or need assistance in typing that awkward email in a diplomatic way, you can go straight to Lise, she knows just the right words to use.

Lise studied culinary arts and admits that she has this slightly annoying trait of considering herself the ultimate cooking show guest judge (from the comfort of her couch) shouting endless critique about the seasoning and ingredient choices of dishes she has never eaten.

In her free time, she enjoys good food, quality time with her family, and a bit of travel.

Most repeated phrase: “Whatever floats your boat / It is what it is”

Lise Kotze

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