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Tarrent Best
Country Manager - South Africa

Tarrent started his career as a C# developer at a Hedge Fund, he couldn't stand staring at code all day, that is how he found himself in the wonderful world of IT recruitment and consultancy. Thank goodness the C# developer role did not work for him as Tarrent brings a wealth of over 17 years of experience helping enterprise clients achieve their staffing goals. He assisted two Major UK IT consultancy firms in establishing their offices in South Africa. Back in the day Tarrent also owned two IT Talent companies in Cape Town. Naturally, he will be your go to person if you need professional talent or IT consulting services advice.

Tarrent loves building world-class teams and assisting organisations with their Growth Strategies.

Most repeated phrase: “What can I do to help?” 

When not at work, Tarrent can be found spending his time with family, going on holidays with good food and wine.

Tarrent Best

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