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Vanita Walker
HR Manager - SA & UK

Vanita completed her psychology degree and went to the UK for 2 years. She got involved in some HR duties at the company she worked for. She returned to SA, did her HR diploma, and never looked back.  Vanita comes with over 15 years’ HR experience and owned a HR consulting business previously.  She just can’t help herself; she loves all things HR = Happy Resources! People is her passion and finding solutions to create a happy working environment. She loves her job so much that most people even call her HR and not Vanita.

Most repeated phrases: “At the end of the day” or “sorry, I know I talk too much” (and then she continues to talk)

Vanita is a bit of a dreamer if she is in the middle of a dream and wakes up, if she goes back to sleep within 5 minutes her dream just carries on where it stopped - in other words, Vanita never stops dreaming.

On weekends you can find Vanita bodyboarding or spending quality time with family and friends. She also likes going on mini getaways/camping, although her coffee machine must go with, so probably more like glamping.

Vanita Walker

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