the Challenge

Assetario has developed a revenue optimisation SaaS engine for mobile app brands. With a great product idea and additional funding awarded in early 2022, Assetario needed to increase its headcount and investigate different ways to attract talent.

With little to no HR or Talent function in place, the challenge for Cititec was to build HR procedures, policies and recruitment pipeline from the ground up, as well as increase brand awareness for the young start-up.



Cititec was introduced to Assetario through our network and informed that a hiring sprint was imminent. We spoke with the CTO and Operations Manager to understand what they had in mind and what can be done to achieve their needs. They confirmed they were looking for six initial hires and a headcount goal of forty by EOY. We have begun to build the team.


Cititec remains engaged with Assetario on a full-time basis providing an end-to-end solution to their EMEA and North America offices:

  • Placed three key hires within the first month

  • Removed the cost of external partners/agencies

  • Reduction in time to hire (19 days)

  • Creation of careers page and upgrading their website

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