the Challenge

Before embedding Cititec, Ikano Group was very much reliant on either direct hires or recruitment agencies. However, due to the geographical region and experience levels required, neither yielded success. Consequently, Cititec was onboarded to increase Ikano’s brand presence, implement a structured and streamlined interview process, improve the candidate journey, and reduce hiring time.

 Ikano Group


One Talent Lead and one Talent Partner joined forces with Ikano’s HR team to help hire and onboard a remote tech team. Cititec’s video interviewing platform (TalentVue) and ATS were introduced into the process to ensure an improved applicant experience, a culture match, and decreased time to hire. A direct sourcing methodology was also incorporated to reach the most passive of talent.


2000%+ increase in direct traffic to the website, the first round of hiring delivered 17 hires within seven weeks. Subsequently, Cititec continues to be engaged in several hiring projects.

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