the Challenge

Pets Deli is one of the market leaders in the German D2C pet food market. Their vision "A better world for pet lovers" starts anew with every product. This path requires great ideas, pure passion and the best minds in their field.

With a number of business-critical hires on the horizon, the team at Pets Deli were focused on ensuring timely delivery of new talent, for their growth plans in 2022. Having led a successful relationship prior, we set out to streamline their hiring phase and reduce their cost-per-hire.

 Pets Deli


Cititec presented a widely encompassing solution, focused on quality of hires and an efficient process - by utilising our Insights platform to uncover passive talent. Our guidance to provide an exclusive Talent Partner allowed a stronger filtration of applicants within an accelerated process.

We recognised the impact of ensuring strong and maintained cultural values within the selection process, as well as assessing a technical complement to the needs of the Pets Deli technical team.


Our heightened engagement via an embedded Talent Partner ensures higher satisfaction in the applicant journey and a faster process and time-to-hire. We are also able to dedicate time to meticulously assessing motivations and aspirations, matching them correctly to growth plans within the technical team. Cititec continues to be engaged whilst proactively identifying talent, streamlining time-to-hire and employing this bespoke route-to-market.

  • 19% reduction in hiring cost

  • 2x faster time-to-hire

  • Dedicated Talent Partner involved within assessment process

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