the Challenge

Life before Cititec was very different for Toggle; they had no internal talent team and relied heavily on external agency support. Therefore, they had little control over how their brand was being portrayed and no sight of who was being spoken with.

Furthermore, whilst using multiple recruitment agencies, they had no control over the quality of talent coming through and no guarantees on where and when the subsequent CV would arrive.

Toggle required a partner that could streamline the hiring process, improve the quality of talent, and reduce the administrative burden that Hiring Managers faced. Cititec was well-placed to achieve this.


After an initial discovery phase, one Cititec Talent Partner joined forces with Toggle (remotely) to help scale the company.
Due to a skills shortage in the talent Toggle hire, a direct sourcing/headhunting methodology attracting passive Talent was implemented along with an ATS and video outlining the company's culture, vision and EVP.


In the space of ten weeks, Cititec made five key hires; the Time to Hire was just over three weeks.

Added values included: Improved candidate journey by creating a Toggle branded video showcasing the brand’s EVP, culture, and aspiration, a real-time ATS/dashboard, including all D&I metrics.

Overall cost reduction of 39%.

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