the Challenge

At the beginning of 2021, The Crown Estate embarked on a large-scale digital transformation, starting with Data & Analytics.

The Crown Estate's internal TA team was predominantly focused on non-tech hires and supported heavily by multiple agencies. The team was already at capacity and needed a Data team hired before the end of 2021.

 The Crown Estate


Cititec entered into an initial discovery phase with the Chief Data Officer to discuss the first hiring sprint of 7 hires. Subsequently, a London-based Talent Lead and TA joined the Crown Estate to support all Data & Analytics hires. Through Cititec's community and market knowledge and our AI-driven search technologies, we could identify and reach the relevant passive talent quickly.



A thorough understanding of The Crown Estates Mission and an exceptionally smooth interview process allowed Cititec to get strong candidate buy-in & engagement from the offset.

As a result of this strong partnership, the Data & Analytics team was hired within eight weeks, allowing projects to kick-off ahead of schedule.

  • 35% cost reduction (based on previous agency costings) 

  • 90% applicant acceptance rate 

  • 39% reduction in time to hire.

  • Cititec continue to be engaged

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